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Dividend to creditors affected by the financial restructuring

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Dividend to creditors affected by the financial restructuring

Reference is made to the stock exchange announcements of 26 May 2021 regarding the exit from the Irish examinership (the "Examinership") and Norwegian reconstruction (the "Reconstruction") processes for the Company and certain of its related Irish companies and the implementation of the proposed schemes of arrangement related to the Examinership and a restructuring plan related to the Reconstruction (as further set out therein and together the “Restructuring Proposal”).


Pursuant to the Restructuring Proposal certain creditors of the Company are entitled to receive a dividend in respect of any valid claim towards Norwegian. Such dividend will consist of a cash element and a dividend claim element (together the “Dividend”) and be delivered in full and final satisfaction of such creditors’ original claims.


The Company has implemented an online portal related to the Dividends where relevant creditors may log in to provide bank account details required for any payments in respect of the respective creditor’s Dividend, obtain information about their Dividend and otherwise make certain elections with respect to their Dividend (such portal, the “Dividend Portal”).


All creditors entitled to a Dividend should receive an email with a “Claim Reference Code” required to log in on the Dividend Portal. If you are a relevant creditor and have not received an email with this information within 23 June 2021, please click the below link and follow the instructions therein for requesting a “Claim Reference Code”. Note that certain selections will need to be made in the Dividend Portal by no later than 22 July 2021. After such date certain selections will no longer be available.


The Dividend Platform can be accessed by clicking the following link:




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The Norwegian group is a leading Nordic aviation company, headquartered at Fornebu outside Oslo, Norway. The company has over 8,200 employees and owns two of the prominent airlines in the Nordics: Norwegian Air Shuttle and Widerøe’s Flyveselskap. Widerøe was acquired by Norwegian in 2024, aiming to facilitate seamless air travel across the two airline’s networks.

Norwegian Air Shuttle, the largest Norwegian airline with around 4,700 employees, operates an extensive route network connecting Nordic countries to key European destinations. In 2023, Norwegian carried over 20 million passengers and maintained a fleet of 87 Boeing 737-800 and 737 MAX 8 aircraft.

Widerøe’s Flyveselskap, Norway’s oldest airline, is Scandinavia’s largest regional carrier. The airline has more than 3,500 employees. Mainly operating the short-runway airports in rural Norway, Widerøe operates several state contract routes (PSO routes) in addition to its own commercial network. In 2023, the airline had 3.3 million passengers and a fleet of 48 aircraft, including 45 Bombardier Dash 8’s and three Embraer E190-E2's. Widerøe Ground Handling provides ground handling services at 41 Norwegian airports.

The Norwegian group has sustainability as a key priority and has committed to significantly reducing carbon emissions from its operations. Among numerous initiatives, the most noteworthy is the investment in production and use of fossil-free aviation fuel (SAF). Norwegian strives to become the sustainable choice for its passengers, actively contributing to the transformation of the aviation industry.